Radiant Casa

Project type: Residential
Location: Behind HotalTheLaLit, Jawahar Circle, Jaipur, Rajasthan
Built-up area: 3200Sq.ft
Client: Mr. Mohit Jain.
Year of completion: 2018

Key Idea behind the space was to do a minimalist, modern yet youthful home for the family.As an approach we decided to keep the spaces white to give a sense of expanse to the space. The colors were introduced through furniture and other flexible accessories. We resorted to pastel shades as the beauty of the colour pallet is that is can be dynamic yet subtle. We refrained from using glossy finishes and harnessed the premium-ness of matt finishes. Mirrors have been introduced subtly to add a sense of volume to the spaces. Fluid shapes in the form of fixtures break the solidness of the whites very subtly. We attempted to en cash and harness the openness of the apartment.

We strongly believe that the home is a sanctuary which nurturers its inhabitants.