Ellementry Bandra

Project type: Retail
Location: 1, SIB House, 266, Linking Rd, BandraWest,Mumbai 400050
Built-up area: 1320Sq.ft
Client: Ellementry Pvt. Ltd.
Year of completion: 2019

Mumbai being one of the most dynamic cities and also bearing the title of financialcapital of India presented as a very vital opportunity in the process of establishing a brand identity for the stores. Thus it was extremely important for us to bring in all the elements which we had been working with in the past stores. The key however became the idea of establishing a delicate balance between all that had already been defined and what was to be defined. We carefully and tactfully articulated our details and evolved a system that not only allowed us to bring in our key modules but to bring in an air of freshness and newness. The Mumbai store too was garnished by the hand skills of our champion craftsmen.Who brought in their skill set and material workmanship into the space.