Ellementry Jaipur

Project type: Retail
Location: 27. Madrampura, Ajmer Rd, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302006
Built-up area: 250 Sq.ft
Client: Ellementry Pvt. Ltd.
Year of completion: 2019

Ellementry shared with us the vision to set up stores across the country thus we had to develop a design concept which could be replicated in the multiple stores with an opportunity to bring in the local flavours. At the key of the design process have been, what the brand calls ‘Pillars of design’ which echoes in all their products. The brand stands on principles of being Handmade, Fusion, Sustainable, Form & function, Culture revival, and Food safe.
The store at Jaipur posed a unique challenge we had to design in a city with rich heritage and traditional concept.
But we harnessed the architectural and aesthetic pallet from the city and fused it with the aesthetics developed by us.
At Jaipur our signature details such as arches found a new interpretation. We were able to harness the indigenous details and contemporised them and applied them in accordance to our existing details

The local craftsmen we engaged demonstrated an interesting play of details and seamlessly fused them with the prevailing details adding new flavours retaining the old ones.