Kapil k. sharma


Architect Kapil Sharma graduated in the year 2013 and was working in his home town of Chandigarh. He established Flamingo Architects in 2014 with the intent of finding and developing a design vocabulary which would seamlessly blend the traditional aesthetics with the ever evolving ‘modern’. Since the inception of the practice Kapil has worked on projects ranging from residences to restaurants to offices to the cerebral domain of art installations. He has a sharp sense of functionality which is complemented by his eye for aesthetics. Helping him establish a balance between function and form.

Prashali Sharma


Architect Prashali Sharma is an associate with Flamingo Architects since its inception. Prashali graduated in the year 2013 and has been practicing since then in both Chandigarh and Jaipur. Over the years Prashali has been an integral part of the designing process. Her fondness and inclination towards the culture of different cities allows her to bring to the table her learning from her exploration and in turn helps in setting the pulse of the project.



Mr. Kishor Kumar Sharma is an established project manager and contractor in the city and the state. He has field experience of over three decades during the course of which he has brought to life projects ranging from residences, commercial spaces to townships. He has been a part of Flamingo Architects since 2017. His diverse portfolio and experience makes him both an executionist and a mentor on the projects of the firm.