Design is the thread that ties together the different aspects of our lives, it is the mark of a civilised society. Design as we know is the result of the evolution of the human brain. It not only addresses the issues and concerns which are the need of the hour but it also prepares our society for a time that is to come. Every piece of design is a capsule which carries in itself the learning from nature to everything in .
One of the most important aspects of design is the design of spaces, the space where we live, eat , sleep work all are designed. We believe that architecture plays a very vital role in creating and shaping the environment around us and un turn strongly influences our life at large.


Flamingo Architects is a Design practice with offices in Jaipur and Chandigarh. The firm is the brain child of Architect Kapil Sharma, who established the design practice in the year 2015. The Pink Flamingo bird is a symbol of serenity, balance and a contented life. The firm to aims to establish a balance and has a vision to seamlessly integrate architecture, interior design and product design and create a multi disciplinary firm with the focus on designing spaces and all things that constitute a space.

Since inception the practice has conceptualised and completed a diverse range of projects ranging from residences to hospitality, to industrial projects to retail stores to health care and wellness projects. During the course of the project the team is closely involved in all aspects ranging from design development, execution, material selection, application to branding.

We at flamingo strongly believe that only when the right colours align with the right strokes that a perfect picture comes together.